Synergy Fitness for women is a world class gym exclusively dedicated to the health and fitness of women. Our female trainers, dietician and physiotherapist make you quite easy and comfortable while exercising.

World Class Fitness Equipment

World Class Gym with latest fitness equipment – Dedicated Cardiovascular workout area for Strength and Conditioning.

Extremely Hygienic Fitness Studio

Extremely hygienic workout area. We make our fitness club extra clean for you.

Yoga Sessions

A fantastic mind/body workout. It improves flexibility and strengthens core, set to uplifting and inspirational music. This class will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed with a sense of well being and calmness.Reduces stress, tension and blood pressure. Improves circulation, digestion and body balance.


For a good workout that is lot of fun our Aerobic classes are a good place to turn.These steps get your heart rate up, which conditions your heart and lungs, not to mention burning of calories and fat.

About us


Women’s health > Family health > Society’s Health

Synergy fitness was started as a social entrepreneurship by a group of Ex-Air Force wives a few years ago .Today we look back with satisfaction. Satisfaction of helping hundreds of girls, housewives and executives getting into shape and many senior members who happily acknowledge that they have already given up taking regular medicines for many life style diseases like high BP and Diabetic, with their regular exercises.

We believe there is no shortcut to fitness other than exercising and wise eating. We all are different and our bodies react differently to any workout schedule. While some may be able to reduce weight in three months others may take up to three years. But do not worry. The moment we start exercising we move into the higher level of fitness. The improved fitness level is reflected in our energy, briskness in movements and the boost in our confidence level.

Our Gallery

Pilates Work Shop held @ synergy

Pilates Workout focusses on Core strength, Body Balance & Muscle Strength.

Yoga Day Celebration

Yoga Day Celebration

Fitness Meet

On Yoga & Meditation

All Ears

A section of the audiance

Fitness Meet

A Member sharing her experience

Celebrating Fitness

Sindhu Hari Speaking @ the Fitness Meet

A proud moment

Best Member-2015


Eagles ladies wing members joining the function


Sally Joseph , Arjuna Award Winner and former Indian Volley Ball player inaugurating Synergy


Workout the way you want, and get the most from the latest fitness equipment, group workouts and dedicated support from our certified experts. Your membership includes everything you need to make fitness part of your life.

Our Events

Centre of Excellence

September 17 2019

Sindhu Hari receiving AFSCON( Association of Fitness, Strength & Conditioning Professionals in India) membership from internationally renowned Fitness Guru Dilib Heble (IPS)

Team Synergy is proud of our dear member Lakshmi Nair reaching the finals of Miss Malabar contest.

Regular Fitness Meet are held at Synergy in which experts from the field of Fitness and Health attend and interact with members to update them on the latest from the world of fitness.

Featured on Mathrubhumi News Paper about the Yoga day Programme organised by Synergy Fitness for Women

Yoga Day 21/06/2015

September 11 2018

Many organisations joined the International Yoga Day observance in the city by holding yoga demonstrations, and meditation and awareness classes for the public on Sunday. A call was also given at venues against attempts to give the label of a particular religion to yoga, which is part of the centuries-old heritage of the country. District Collector N. Prasanth inaugurated the Yoga Day observance jointly organised by the district administration and the Synergy Yoga Centre at the Government Physical Education College. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) too held a yoga awareness class and demonstration. Former health minister and Congress leader P. Sankaran inaugurated the programme.

News on Indian Express about Synergy Fitness for Women

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Synergy Fitness for women is a world class gym exclusively dedicated to the health and fitness of women. Our female trainers, dietician and physiotherapist make you quite easy and comfortable while exercising.

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